As part of the Embassy’s focus on the U.S. Presidential elections, YouGovStone, the Financial Times and Embassy London co-sponsored “Politics and Pundits – The Influence of Talk Media on Elections and Democracy” on July 16.

Stephanie Miller and Neal Boortz — stars of U.S. talk radio — as well as Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Nick Ferrari of the UK shared their own views on how talk radio affects their listeners’ political decisions.

Ambassador Robert Tuttle introduced the event, emphasizing how important it is for international audiences to understand the American political system.

Ambassador Tuttle was also “pleased to welcome all of the on-line guests viewing this event in the UK and around the world” thanks to live web-streaming.

Panel members took a few minutes to express their views on the effects of talk radio on society.

One common theme was that listeners should not believe everything they hear on talk radio. Boortz told his audience, “Never believe anything I say on radio,” and to research and investigate anything he says to confirm its validity.


Was it conversation or comedy?

Several politically-charged yet witty exchanges entertained as well as informed.

To begin her discussion, liberal talk radio host Stephanie Miller jokingly said, “Facts tend to have a well-known liberal bias.”

Conservative talk radio host Nick Ferrari responded with his own motto: “You can trust me, I’m not one of them.”

Panel members debated each other, sometimes quite outspokenly, about such pressing issues as the freedom of speech, the right to vote, and the media’s influence.

Despite the opposing viewpoints, by the end of the night it was difficult not to notice the friendship and respect the four panel members had for each other. Stephanie Miller said it best when she said of talk radio hosts: “We are circus clowns.”


Chair John Lloyd
Contributing Editor, Financial Times
Panel Yasmin Alibhai-Brown – UK
Broadcaster, Writer & Columnist, The Independent & The Evening Standard
Neal Boortz – US
Host of nationally-syndicated U.S. talk-radio show with over 4 million listeners
Nick Ferrari – UK
LBC 97.3 Breakfast Show Host
Stephanie Miller – US
Host of top-ranked nationally-syndicated U.S. progressive talk-radio show