06 August 2012
London, UK


“Today, the United States is proud to stand in solemn remembrance with the Israeli people to remember the eleven Israeli athletes who were  killed forty years ago. The passage of time cannot dim the memory of  the hope and promise that those members of the Israeli Olympic team  embodied, just as time does not dull the horror at the brutal  terrorist attack the took their lives.

The Israeli citizens who were lost stood for what is best about their  nation, and the Olympic movement. They excelled at wrestling and  weightlifting, fencing and running.  They were citizens of a young  democracy in the ancient homeland of the Jewish people. And let us  always remember that they were fathers and sons, husbands and  brothers, and their loss left an empty space in families, communities, and a country that will never forget them.

While the United States supported a moment of silence in their honor,  we welcome any effort to recall the terrible loss that was suffered  in  Munich, and the lives of those who were lost. Let us rededicate ourselves to a world that represents the hopes of those athletes, and not the hate of those who took their lives. Let us support the families who have endured forty years without their loved ones. And let us reaffirm the bonds between the United States, Israel, and all those around the world who strive for a world of peace and justice.”