On Monday, 31 March, the Defense Attaché Office (DAO) London hosted a group of 8 Distinguished Visitors from London on a trip to the USS TRUMAN (CVN 75) which was conducting flight operations in the Mediterranean.

The group included Labour MP Vernon Coaker, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Air Commodore Gary Waterfall, Royal Air Force Typhoon Force Commander and Air Commodore Simon Rochell, RAF Program Manager – Carrier Enabled Power Projection, in addition to representatives from the Royal Navy, Her Majesty’s Treasury and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

The group, touring along with a delegation from Norway, met the TRUMAN Strike Group Commander, Rear Admiral Kevin Sweeney and TRUMAN Commanding Officer Robert Roth who briefed the delegation on their 9 month deployment to the Arabian Gulf and the strike group’s recent operations in the Mediterranean.

The distinguished visitors observed flight operations, toured static jets and helicopters in the hangar deck, and observed operations in the command and control center, flight control tower, and navigational bridge.

The trip served as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of aircraft carriers not only as a military power projection capability, but as an instrument of diplomatic engagement with global reach.  This visit was conducted as the UK is currently in the process of regenerating it’s carrier fleet and the U.S. and UK are working closely to ensure a smooth and efficient transition for the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II aircraft carriers.