On October 8-11, 2019, Ambassador Johnson visited the Channel Island of Jersey.  At the beginning of the trip, Ambassador Johnson said: “Terrific to visit the namesake of my home state, New Jersey. An island rich in history, and very forward thinking.”

During World War II, 16 American sailors gave their lives off the coast of Jersey.  On October 8, the Ambassador honored these brave heroes at their memorial stone at Noirmont Point:

Ambassador Johnson lays a wreath at the memorial of 16 American sailors who perished off the coast of Jersey during World War II













During his tour the Ambassador was excited to see the innovative nature of businesses in Jersey.

During a presentation of the island’s FinTech section, Ambassador Johnson said “Lots of connections between UK and U.S. businesses already – let’s increase them!”

Ambassador Johnson at a presentation of the island’s FinTech section

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