U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun’s Speeches, Remarks & Media

13 December 2016  Ambassador Barzun (@MatthewBarzun) gave a talk at Twitter HQ in London today. He also answered questions put to him online via the twitter hashtag #AskMatthew
Check out all the photos from Ambassador Barzun’s talk on our Flickr album ! 

07 December 2016 All the pics from Ambassador Barzun’s special lecture in honor of Gil Winant, former Ambassador to the United Kingdom, to the John Adams Society are on our Flickr page !

24 November 2016 Ambassador Barzun’s Thanksgiving Day Address 2016 at St. Paul’s Cathedral

06 September 2016 Winfield House Cricket Tournament
Remembering a great day of cricket in the garden of Winfield House, the official residence of the U.S. Ambassador.  The teams were led by Mark Austin as Captain for the U.K. Press team and Piers Morgan as Captain  for the U.S. Press team.
Captain Austin won the coin toss for the UK press team and put Captain Morgan and his U.S team in to bat.  After the first innings, the U.S Press team led were 100-5.

The final results of the game were:
UK Press: 73 – 9 from 14 overs
U.S. Press: 100 – 6 from 15 overs

At the conclusion of the game, Captain Piers Morgan accepted the trophy for the U.S team as they triumphed over their UK counterparts.  Checking the score-board, Ambassador Barzun noted: “in diplomacy, we don’t normally like to keep score.”
Thank you to all the players, both professional and amateur for a memorable match!   Photographic evidence is on our Flickr album.

01 September 2016 Ambassador Matthew Barzun delivered the keynote speech at the CBI Scotland Annual Dinner  (photo).  Scotland’s STV channel has this report on the Ambassador’s speech last night.

30 June 2016 Ambassador Barzun’s Fourth of July Remarks at Winfield House

26 June 2016 Ambassador Barzun’s remarks at London Pride 2016 ” I want to begin with a message from my country to this country… It’s simply this: Thank you.   Thank you for being our best friend and doing what best friends do: When we suffered our tragedy in Orlando you were there for us.  Thank you for filling the streets in SoHo with your overflowing love.  That image filled homes across America and is helping us heal.”

27 May 2016 Ambassador Barzun’s lecture at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford

16 March 2016   Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism (via HuffingtonPost)   Speaking to the Huffington Post, Ambassador Barzun notes “A key step toward a more inclusive economy is..to engage in a more inclusive politics”.

26 November 2015   Ambassador Barzun’s Thanksgiving Day address at St. Pauls Cathedral

15 July 2015 Ambassador Barzun’s remarks at De Montfort University Graduation Ceremony

19 June 2015   NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited to the UK in June 2015.  He had a chat with Ambassador Matthew Barzun about opportunities for UK students with NASA, the UK’s involvement in space and NASA’s plans for the future, including plans for British Astronaut Tim Peake:

22 May 2015 Rugby World Cup 2015 – A Welsh Message  (YouTube)  Continuing his Welsh lessons, Ambassador Barzun looks forward to the Rugby World Cup at Millenium Stadium, Cardiff:



11 May 2015 Magna Carta, 1776 and All That   Ambassador Barzun delivered the twentieth Annual Douglas W Bryant Lecture at the British Library Eccles Center.  Ambassador Barzun spoke about Magna Carta and the evolution of the rule of law.

17 March 2015 Ambassador Barzun’s Remarks at the Unveiling of Miya Ando’s Artwork at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.  The artwork is made out of some of the wreckage from the World Trade Center.

03 March 2015 Live at Leeds and across Britain, a new diplomacy is emerging   “Just as in politics and entertainment, the rules of diplomacy have changed. The forces that influence attitudes are no longer centrally controlled, and opinions are formed through an array of social interactions and media. We have to inspire people who share our enthusiasm. As true believers in the indispensable role our special relationship plays on the world stage, we at the embassy are not waiting for our audience to come to us.”   (This post by Ambassador Barzun originally appeared in online edition of The Telegraph).

15 February 2015 Keeping Us Safe Doesn’t Mean The End Of Our Digital Privacy   As a new UK-U.S. cybersecurity drive begins, Ambassador Barzun explains how we can avoid a trade-off.

12 January 2015 Ambassador Barzun’s Remarks at  Magna Carta Guildhall Dinner

12 January 2015 U.S. ambassador to the U.K. goes on the (indie) record (ShareAmerica)   The life of an ambassador is a busy one. Being the lead representative of a nation, negotiating policy, hosting visiting dignitaries, and staying on top of the local politics is a 24/7 job.   U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom Matthew Barzun understands this. While maintaining the special relationship with his host country and preparing for a visit from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Ambassador Barzun had time for an interview with Buzzfeed’s Jim Waterson in a record store in London’s Soho neighborhood.



Ambassador Matthew Barzun delivered the keynote speech at the CBI Scotland annual dinner tonight (01 September 2016)

30 November 2014 St. Andrew’s Day Message 2014  “The United States and Scotland have a rich history of engagement and cooperation over hundreds of years, and a great many of our citizens take pride in calling themselves Scottish-Americans.”

27 November 2014 A Labor of Love  Ambassador Barzun’s Thanksgiving Day address at St. Pauls Cathedral, Thanksgiving Day 2014.

10 November Poppies at the Tower: By People, For People   Last month, Ambassadur Barzun had the honor of participating in the installation of the poppies at the Tower of London, officially called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red.

16 October 2014 Leadership and Partnership: America’s Approach to Foreign Policy

25 September 2014 Only global action can stop the rise of Islamic State   This op-ed by Ambassador Barzun appeared in the UK’s Evening Standard on Thursday, 25 September 2014.

02 September 2014 Ambassador Barzun addresses members of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

29 August 2014 Nato Summit 2014: ‘Barack Obama’s visit will be another profound moment in the history of U.S. and Welsh relations’  (via Walesonline.co.uk)  This op-ed by Ambassador Barzun was published on Friday in the The Western Mail online.

27 August 2014 Ambassador Barzun’s first Welsh lesson!

03 July 2014 Ambassador Barzun’s Fourth of July Remarks 2014

24 May 2014 Let me be clear. This is still a very special relationship    “Under this treaty, the U.S. has never refused a UK extradition request”.

11 May 2014 Allied Against Aggression  “Our alliance, which has guaranteed European security for 7 decades, is being tested. We must not falter”

17 January 2014 Ambassador Barzun clarifies the position on our new Embassy building  “The new building project is being funded entirely by the proceeds of the sale of other U.S. Government properties in London, not through appropriated funds. This has always been the plan. The proposed Omnibus spending bill does not provide any new, additional, restrictions to that plan. ”



04 December 2013 Photos from Ambassador Barzun’s Credentialing Ceremony (via Flickr).

02 December 2013 Statement by Ambassador Matthew Barzun on Glasgow Helicopter Crash

28 November 2013 Ambassador Barzun’s Thanksgiving Day Message 2013  Remarks by Ambassador Barzun at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

22 November 2013 Ambassador Barzun gives remarks at the Kennedy Memorial, Runnymede on the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s Death

19 November 2013 Remarks at the Foreign Press Association, London

07 November 2013 Ambassador Matthew Barzun says Nato Summit a ‘huge opportunity’ for Wales (via BBC Wales)  Visiting Wales on Wednesday, Ambassador Barzun spoke with BBC Wales. “The NATO summit is going to be a major moment…all these Americans are going to be looking at Newport, at Cardiff, and all of Wales.  It’s just a wonderful opportunity to showcase what’s happening here.”

29 October 2013 U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun tells of anger over Lockerbie bombing release (BBC)   The new U.S. ambassador to Britain, Matthew Barzun, said there remained real anger in America that the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was released from a Scottish prison.  But Mr Barzun told BBC Scotland’s political editor Brian Taylor that he bonds of friendship between America and Scotland far transcended the Lockerbie atrocity.

20 October 2013  Ambassador Barzun on Andrew Marr (BBC) and Sky News  Ambassador Barzun was interviewed by the BBC’s Andrew Marr. Following the last-ditch deal to agree the federal budget Ambassador Barzun  told viewers that “management by crisis needs to stop”.   You can watch the interview on the BBC website or read the transcript (PDF).
The Ambassador was also interviewed on Sky News by Dermot Murnaghan.  You can request that transcript from the Sky New press office.

27 September 2013 The Special Relationship: In Our Time And In Our Hands

12 September 2013 Remarks at the Britishamerican Business Gala Dinner   Lancaster House, London.

08 September 2013 The Special Relationship: Alive and Well   “On both sides of the Atlantic we are seeing vigorous exertions of democracy, with votes of conscience and impassioned public debate. We are discussing how the international community should respond, proportionally and meaningfully, to the unconscionable and illegal use of chemical weapons. And that discussion is not over. That we are having it in an open and public way is a far better measure of our special relationship’s health than any single vote along the way.”